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Brief introduction of VTG Corp
VTG Equipment and Technology Joint Stock Company would like to send you best greetings. Our company-VTG was established by the effort of experienced members in transportation and high-tech equipment field, oriented its business on applying high technology to transportation infrastructure. Our operation goal is to contribute to building as well as developing modern and sustainable transportation infrastructure. We always make effort to implement this principle through research, choosing suitable technology for each project and co-operating with the world's leading firms. We are confident that we have good resources and experience to supply, install and operate technological equipment in all field of transportation infrastructure including aviation, metropolitan railway, hydrometeorology, etc.
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Because demand for travel of people increasing, the problem of transportation system expansion in the airway that is developing constantly. In Vietnam a few years back many domestic and international airports have been built new infrastructure, renovation, expansion, repair to meet the urgent demands of the people. Grasping the situation and trends of society, VTG Equipment and Technology Joint stock company co-operated with many reputable manufacturers in the world to offered system solutions and equipment to improve and the modernization of airports in Vietnam. Besides skilled consulting team, VTG Equipment and Technology joint stock company has a team of technical experts has been operating in the airport facilities field a lot of years to meet installation, maintenance, system maintenance, equipment and after sales service.
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The Hanoi Urban Railway is a significant project for Hanoi capital. With the goal of reducing traffic congestion and improving the quality of life for residents, the Hanoi urban railway system has been under strong development and construction.
* Nhon - Hanoi Station Urban Railway One of the crucial urban railway lines in Hanoi is the Nhon - Hanoi Station railway line. This line spans approximately 13.5 kilometers and passes through various central areas of the city. The Nhon - Hanoi Station railway line has facilitated the connection between inner-city districts and Hanoi Station, providing convenient conditions for commuting and reducing road traffic pressure.
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Number of PBB That VTG company supplied and installed at the Vietnam airports
Number of ILS That VTG company supplied and installed at the Vietnam airports
Number of AWOS that VTG company supplied and installed at the Vietnam airports
Number of weather Rada that VTG company supplied and installed at the Vietnam airports

After-sales policy

VTG Equipment and Technology Joint Stock Company commits and strives our best toward customer's satisfaction and engineering quality.
  • Satisfying the highest demand and expectation of the customer.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the customer's daily operation during and after the warranty duration.
  • Protecting the data and information of the customer even during trouble to provide data security for the customer.
Warranty period
  • Depending on projects and conditions on each system, products provided by VTG that the warranty period applies from the date of transferring/commissioning to customer.
  • Depending on the problem, the warranty activity may be carried out during office hour on 24/7.
Warranty method
  • When receiving customer's request, VTG will confirm the problem and consult how to solve the problem through internet, email or telephone.
  • In the problem needs field troubleshooting, VTG will dispatch relevant engineer to customer's site to solve the problem.
Processing time
  • VTG guarantees that all feedback will be available within 24h from the time of receiving request from customer.