M&E system is a rather important part of a building or a construction. It was like a heart to turn a building or a construction can be "active". M&E system usually accounts for about 40-60% of the total volume of a project.

M&E is an abbreviation of Mechanical and Electrical, which means that this system consists of two parts which are the Mechanical part  and Electrical part.

  • Air conditioning and ventilation (MVAC - Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning) [also known as other popular name is HVAC] accounts for a large quantity in Mechanical part. The other parts of the Mechanical are Fire protection (FPS), Plumbing and Sanitary (P & S), Gas ​​ and compressed air supply.
  • Electrical part as its name suggests, it consists of items related to electricity: power supply distribution system, lighting system , control system, extra-low voltage system.
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  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Fire prevention sysem
  • Plumbing and sanitary system
  • High voltage system
  • Low voltage system
  • Cable ladder system
  • Lighting system
  • Lightning protection and earthing system
  • Public address system
  • Closed circuit television system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Structured Cabling Network


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