VTG Equipment and Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 16/11/2011, with main business activities include supplying, installation and operation of technological equipment for  transportation infrastructure


VTG supplies and installs technological devices for the airport, including screening and security equipment, surveillance and monitoring systems, technical testing laboratory, etc. In addition, we also provide equipment to detect toxic chemicals and radiation material, aircraft inspection system, aviation control systems, communications, variable message signs (VMS), Approach Lighting System (ALS), Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), specialized cars serving inside the airport.


VTG focuses on developing, supplying and installing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applied to highway, including VMS and lighting, as well as communications equipment on the highways and metropolitan area. We also supply and install traffic safety surveillance camera (CCTV system) in large urban areas in order to control congestion and traffic order and safety.

Railway, waterway

VTG is capable of supplying and installing vessel traffic services system (VTS), signal buoys system, control devices, container managing and monitoring system in waterway ports, or supplying specialized vehicles.




Mr. DAN is the founder of VTG Equipment and Technology Joint Stock Company. He has lots of experience in the mechanical equipment and building material business field. He has served as deputy director in charge of the Northwest region of Vietnam - Italy Steel Corporation for five years from 2000 to 2005.


General Director
Mr.VINH has 3 years of experience at 319 Corporation (Ministry Of Defense) before working for VTG. He was also employed as investment analyst for 1 year at SSI Asset Management Company Limited.


In order to deliver high quality service, and to build human capacity for future development, especially to implement projects with high levels of knowledge/skill and to cooperation smoothly with foreign partners; the Board of Directors decided to invest significantly to build a team of staff with high qualification and abundant experience.

Up to the end of 2012, VTG has 12 key members:
- Board of directors: 04 members
- Technical group: 06 staffs
- Administration & accounting group: 02 staffs

Education Degree:
- Doctor: 01
- Master (or equivalent): 05
- Bachelor: 06

Education degree awarded by countries:
- Japan: 01 doctor (Waseda University)
- United Kingdom: 03 masters or equivalent
- Vietnam: 02 masters (01 Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 01 Foreign Trading University)
- 06 bachelors (04 Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 01 National Economic University and 01 Maritime University)


* Board of directors: 04 members
* Technical group: 06 staffs
* Administration & accounting group: 02 staffs

* Doctor: 01 members
* Master (or equivalent): 05 staffs
* Bachelor: 06 staffs


VTG commits and strives our best toward customer’s satisfaction and engineering quality.

Warranty is one way that VTG uses to maintain our reputation with customer regarding the quality of the systems and solutions we provide. Depending on the specific system and project, the period of product warranty can be 12 months or more starting from the date of transferring the solutions to the customer.

In the warranty period, VTG guarantees that all products and systems will work exactly in accordance with the specifications of the contract.
- Satisfying the highest demand and expectation of the customer;
- Ensuring the continuity of the customer’s daily operation during and after the warranty duration;
- Protecting the data and information of the customers even during trouble to provide data security for the customer.

Warranty period
- Depending on projects and conditions on each system, product provided by VTG that the warranty period applies from the date of transferring/commissioning to customer;
- Depending on the problem, the warranty activity may be carried out during office hour or 24/7.

Warranty method
When receiving customer’s request, VTG will confirm the problem and consult how to solve the problem through internet, email or telephone;
In the problem need field troubleshooting, VTG will dispatch relevant engineer to customer’s site to solve the problem.

Processing time
VTG guarantees that all feedback will be available within 24h from the time of receiving request from customer.